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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


 The single most fertile ground for cheating in any relationship is when that relationship itself started with the two individuals cheating on their partners. That is when you cheated with your current partner when they were with someone else, or you were.

At the time of doing it, beyond all logic and reason, you may have felt it's the right thing to do.  You may have been in a relationship with someone and felt less loved, cared for, scared, falling for someone else; probably a moment blowing off of steam and all that. Then you wake up one day, and this one-off thing won't just stop [aarrgghhh God I can't think of anything but what happened last time]. One of you is drawn more into it and out of what you already have. So in the rush of the moment, like the blood that runs from your head to your lower parts and create all those deceptive feelings, you grab caution by the neck and yank it off the cliff into the bottomlessness below. You shout on top of your swollen lungs, 'Enough! Let's get this thing official!' Then you change buses, start a new relationship, drive a while till the thrill and the 'high' subsides.

At this point, you are facing reality squarely in the eyes. If he or she was faithful, would they sleep with someone behind their partner? All these tricks you all used so you could meet and have fun; could they be used on you? That is when you start looking over your shoulders when you hear your partner whisper... when they receive calls and talk in hush-hush voices [Lord the hush-hush voices... only if they were not hush hushing]. When you call them three times and they do not pick up but quickly call you back with inconsistent reasons for not picking your a tone which is highly inflammable. When you do not have access to their passwords and their answers to your questions are vague, generalized and evasive. 

Then... then... you start to panic... or they panic or both of you do. You start feeling helpless and frustrated. The events of the past few months and or year is playing out, but this time, you fear you are the victim. You get mad, and you start policing them. Or they get mad and start policing you. One of you gets upset for being policed; you feel trust is tampered with.

So you meet this other person who takes you at your word. With them you feel safe, loved, cared for; you fall for them, and you sleep with them. You cheat again. This could be happening to your partner, but somehow someway, one of you is bound to feel so insecure about nothing, maybe, that they only go out and do it. Some will even do it just to get even because they assume you are cheating and therefore act on that assumption. It could be true or just a nagging fear that won't simply go away, but the outcome is an action - another cheating. 

You do not want to start on that road my brother... my sister... you don't want to. Those who cheat with you will cheat on you. A just person will tell you to leave your partner and come for them if you claim to love them that much. If you are that just person, you would first end your current relationship with your partner before you go for someone else. 

When they insist that you guys start while they gradually end what is currently running, tell them that brand is finished, they should come tomorrow because this brand right here [you] is into men or women who are completely disentangled from all relationships. 

In case you are wondering what the moral of the story is, well I am sad to puncture your bubbles, but this is not a moral is a Karma Lesson

PG Sebastian

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