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Thursday, 18 February 2016


If anyone is tired of their relationship, let them walk out first before you welcome them to the other side of the fence. You are not with the Fire Service or the Coast Guard. Do not listen to the rant and rave about her man or his woman and the endless lamentations of how they wish you could take them out of that relationship. Do not aid someone to break up a relationship so you can date not entice them to walk out. Let them act of their own will. 

People need to take responsibility for walking out of any relationship so they can own that decision. Let them face their worst fears. One of the greatest burdens you can carry is for someone to make you feel that if you had not intervened in their relationship, they would be happy in it. And this happens when their expectations of you are not met, while where you took them from appears to be blossoming. Whenever you help someone out of a relationship, whether they would have walked out or not, you appear to be the snatcher.

A person who encourages you to rescue them out of a bad relationship is callous; when they are fed up with you, they will encourage others help them out. They do not confront their problems neither do they walk away from it; they let the responsibility of that decision, the task and the dirty job of actually carrying it out, fall on others. Women usually employ this tactics to exit bad relationships.

Men use the same strategy to get women, not so they can leave their wives or girlfriends for them, no, but rather to use these unsuspecting love stricken women who fall for their lies. Most men who complain bitterly about their wives always go back to them so why allow such men to use you?

I understand how you feel about her and that terrible guy...I understand how you wish you could rescue him from that lady.... Hold it...soon you will understand there may be nothing wrong with their partners. It may turn out that it is rather their own instability and weakness which makes them sway and uncertain as to where they want to be. 

You are a banker, not the police or fire service. The fire guys rescue helpless people; bankers need clients to commit before they give them loans. Let the person commit to date you by ending all other relationships before you commit to them in a monogamous relationship.

I said you are not the police. Do not take anyone out of any perceived danger. 

PG Sebastian
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