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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Be measured and calculated in the things you pass on to your family members when you marry. Learn to keep your marriage off the radar in your sister-sister, brother-brother and the caucus meetings of various mixes. Until it gets to the point where telling them is a must for the PURPOSE of finding a badly needed solution, be wise in your utterances.

God willing, this marriage will heal and all the drama will end; I believe it. I cannot say same for the image they may have formed about your spouse after the problem is solved. One day you will wake up and notice that you appear foolish to your siblings, and your spouse is lowly esteemed in family gatherings because they cannot accept that you two are still together. Most cannot accept that after all the bits and pieces of information they have picked up from you, you are still holding hands and enjoying your marriage. A lot of relatives may not be able to deal with it.

And why is this? Because you tell them everything. Because the not-so-important issues appear important because of how you present them; how you presented your side and how you are gliding on the wings of their biases.

Most spouses do not know why faces are always straight when they show up, when they speak or give an opinion and they feel your family members are not particularly receptive. Well, watch what you have been saying…. You may be the source of this tension.

Defend them like you would want to be defended, cover up their weakness and help your family keep their respect for your spouse. This is the meaning of leaving and cleaving; alas the two becoming one.

PG Sebastian 
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