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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


'...My wife is like that', '...and my husband did that', '...and I am tired', '...I want to walk out of this marriage'. Shut up already! It is always ‘I’ and ‘Me’. How about a little bit of selflessness and commitment? Why is it now a trench war between us and them? How do we explain two people becoming one and yet keep the 'US Vs Them' and 'Me Vs You' narrative?  

The things that break up marriages today were things our parents silently ate dinner over and forgot about the following morning. Instead of keeping quiet and focusing on the issue and finding workable ways of fixing it, we bury ourselves in social media, friends, the haunting deception of our economic independence and class standing, and how we cannot existentially reconcile with our spouses with the humility that is expected of us as husbands and wives in order to keep our marriages working. (Read that sentence again…I know it is a long one)

We are living in quick-fix world; everything is done in matter of minutes. Any 'long-things' is not tolerated. Couples don't have time for each other to come along. They would rather break up and go single and lonely for five years, perching other people's lovers and engaging in rather inappropriate sexual rendezvous, than spend a few months and commit themselves to fixing their differences. We marry on faulty premises because we do not have time to study people in our lives and ask all the questions there is to ask at the premarital stage.

We have become a generation that is in a hurry; running at such top speed yet going nowhere. We are burning the fuel of life, wearying ourselves and losing our glitter with unnecessary scratches and dents and getting stupid tickets from life's police. We need a lot of patience if this whole business of love and family is to survive for another 50 years.

We need a big heart that only spirits submitted to God and molded into a Godly Character can bring forth. Give the steering wheel to Him, willya? 

PG Sebastian 
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