Building Relationships We Can All Be Proud Of

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Immediately you start getting concerned about the feelings and opinions of friends, onlookers and people who think they can talk, rather than those of your spouse, know that your affection, confidence and focus on your marriage is compromised. It's just like having low such self-esteem to the point where the things people say define who you are rather than what you know you are really made of.

Let them talk and leave them to spew their opinions about your marriage. Love like there is no tomorrow. Bride price is not cheap; if you paid one or had one paid on you, then don't bother about what others say. Let them play with their marriages on the altar of expedience, hearsay, 'others-People's-opinions' and unexamined cliches.  Appreciate what you have if you do not have any verifiable reason to act otherwise.

Hold hands in public, show up at weddings and other social gatherings together. Keep your wedding ring on. Talk about your spouse and let your conversation be littered with their names and their acts. Let the world know you are bold and confident about who you chose; who you share your body, your heart and mind and your bed with. 

No one has confidence in what you have if you do not exude confidence around it. If anyone can talk you out of an idea it means you are not confident about it and it is not for you. It is the same way if you can be talked out of your marriage by mere talkers who cannot even prove their worth by keeping a relationship. Let me see your scars as a Knight and I will believe you are battle hardened; I am sorry, in this place, we take knights in shiny armors with a pinch of salt. A Knight in A Shiny Armor is a knight that may have not seen action. Just saying.

In this age where everyone is talking, be discerning as to who you are listening to. Not every noise is worth zoning in on, and not every lead is worth chasing. Keep the focus on what God has given to you and pray about it to perfection. Do your part and let God do His part. 

As a wife let your ways please the Lord and as a husband submit to the headship of God. If a man is submitted to God, his wife submits to him naturally because he treats his wife as God would treat her. If a woman's ways please God, the love God causes her husband to show her is unbelievable. 

Let's work it. In other news, haters are still talking...but well... Let them talk. You will invite them to your 25th Wedding Anniversary. 

PG Sebastian
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