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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Name them
Tag them
Let us Know them
We want to Know
We need to Know
We should Know
Who is paying for it?
Who is the Sponsor?

We know you were In Dubai; you posted it online...On Facebook
That was 3 months after the SA trip...Which you also posted on Facebook
We know you flew Business Class
And we know even Economy class is above your pay grade
So who is the Sponsor?
Tag Your Sponsor
Tag the Sponsor

Breakfast in Bed at the plush 5 Star hotel...eeeeiiii Madam Ne!
Wu muodzen! Life dey be give you
But you and I know this is more than your three years Annual gross
We beg, Gossip Alliance (GA) want to know
Who is the unfortunate one?
We are curious
Whose bank Account is suffering?
Charlie Charlie Charlie! Are telling us the room service guy took the shot? In your panties?
Heeeerrrrrr? Ka no kor3!

No don't get us wrong, it is not like we will die if we do not get to know
Just that we know cameras don't hang around and take pictures of you while you walk around
The pouted lips blowing the kisses
The padded backside you want us to see
The contours and the landforms you want us to admire....
The pictures were taken by someone naaah?
Don't difficult the whole issues... abeg who take am?

We know it was not your girls girls...because we have seen your other pictures
We have seen you hugging each other
Wild selfies and sensual poses....
Sometimes we even wonder about your straightness level...if you get our drift
And we know if it were to be you and your girls they would rep in the pic
These pics are girls-less....
Who took them?
Tag photoo la

Eiiishhh Charlie this Michael Kors di3.... duty free... Asuw333
The Fendi and Gucci
Along side some Galaxy S6 Edge
We all make weak for wanna legs inside ooh... heeerrrr you get form.
Madam you have arrived
But we know some hands carried you
This no bi prophetic hands neither is it D'bee hands
It is not salary hands... you don't even have a salary...
Oya, make una confide in us
Which hands?

You know you are a lady
You know you will marry
You know you will marry a man
Another of the same kind who is denying his wife the joy of pampering
So he can shower it all on you
As far as his wife is concerned, there was no annual bonus
Yet this Christmas, annyaaaa 15k di3 eno go faa you
But the kids will wear old dresses....
Hanging and tight clothes
As for the wife di3...she is on her own...abi she dey work...she would be told
Yet it would be the third time in the year you would have changed your wardrobe

We know
You and Us
We are aware
So tag am make we know am
Let this itch stop la
Staaaaaapppppp iiiiiiiitttttttt
Tag the sponsor
Let's congratulate him for pimping you up.
The Ride dey be.
Where you dey stay too fine too much
Tag Anonymous sponsor la
Tell him it is time to come out from the closet
It is time to show his face in the Dubai Pictures since we know those shots were not taken by a sheikh
Tell him it is time we saw him serving you the break fast in bed...

Look boys make wild
Charlie you for tag am
Why? What dey wrong you?
Madam! Tag adi3 no na gyae rough no
Tag am!
If you don't and you turn 36 years we will not escort you to prayer meetings for prophetic directions ooh
No, we are serious.
If we do not know Mr Otua paa....forgelt
You will go and pray and beg and role and fast and bind and tie...
We will also pray that God makes you single till you tag am
Charlie adwen fi come inside
Tag am!!!!!!

It is about time
Anonymous Sponsor.... It is about time....

PG Sebastian
For and On Behalf Of Gossip Anonymous
2015 All Rights Reserved.