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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


I posted this article on Facebook on the 10th Of June 2015. The lessons are still much potent, I have decided to post it here as well. 

Today I asked a staff in the office to take a picture of me with a new phone I got. I felt sad at myself because for a long time, I had not posted pictures of me online as and when I wanted. I realized my mind has been preoccupied with many things picture taking has not been one of them.
Na Marriage do am. My dad used to tell me, Son, do all you can do as a single man before you marry. Achieve some heights before you marry, otherwise things will be a bit slowed after that. And it is a natural consequence if you are a responsible husband.
I am thinking he was more than right. I mean, now I don't think in single dimension.... I think in 3D. I try to see everything from multiple facets. Before you act, before you move, before you ask yourself is it in the interest of the family. You do not have that random-up-and-just-do-it liberty again. You always need to consult. 
The last time I went to Takoradi, it took me more 4 hours. That was when I knew I had expired. 4 long hours from Tema to Takoradi? What happened to the Formula 1 driver??? This is like 3hour business with all the traffic added.
I met a couple of friends last Saturday at Osu - Social Media brought to life kinda. One guy asked why I don't write a lot lately. I said work and family and the demands thereof. I think I have posted only a single blog post or so this year.
In the end, there are many things we all want to do. If you want to give your best to them, do it now young man; do it now Young woman. Go to church and serve well and hard because after marriage your spouse will need attention and God and nature require that you give it to them. Go to school and get that qualification because after marriage, hating spouses, demanding kids and thinned out cash flow can slow you down. With the right education you attract the right kind of man or woman or the right kind of social circle. It's not the other way round.
Build that career you want; as an African, childbearing in marriage for healthy couples cannot be discounted neither can you discount the pressure attached to not having kids. Marriage, childbearing and child rearing MAY slow you down. And if you want to wait a while after marriage so you can attend to other things, then pray and hope your spouse will understand you. Attend to those things now.
Hang out all you can and make all the right friends and connections; stay out long if it gives you satisfaction as long as they do not become times spent in regrettable follies that will haunt you tomorrow. When you marry you may need permission to stay out with the boys after 9pm or pick a call from that unsaved number after 10pm.
There are some things you don't find out until you are married. And some find them out in marriage and find it difficult to accept them. But here I am, PG, sharing it for free. Grab, learn and live.

PG Sebastian.
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