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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I was bathing Rhys last evening when I noticed he had had some scratch on his nose. So this morning, while he was playing around in the yard, I asked my wife what had happened.  Her answer got me thinking. 
"George, he is a boy and he is enjoying walking around. He falls a number times in a day, so it is OK to have a few bruises on him."
"Yes, but it could be fatal." I replied
 "Sure" She replied calmly. "But if he is going to learn how to walk and run around, then bruises will come with it....unless you don't want him to learn how to walk." 
I thought deep about and it made sense to me. It also had a wide application  in so many areas of our lives. Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

This is something we should learn in our love lives. Love is natural to humans and comes with its own bruises once we start on that journey. The path to having the best of it is not as we see in Telenovelas. We learn to love.... we cultivate it. We put in effort and hardwork. 

While at it, there will be disappointments, and not every step will lead to where we intended to go. We will miscalculate and we will misjudge. All of these will leave some cuts and bruises. Some of these cuts and bruises will be visible, others will not. Some will be short term and others long term. However, the surest way not to be hurt is to not make a move on love. The surest way to stay without bruises is to stay where you are and never venture into the terrain of love. 
However, being without love and not being loved is probably the greatest drought ever to subject the soul to. Love will cost you, love will hurt you, love will bruise you, love will scar you....but in the end it makes us better. 

Be bold and love again.... and again.
PG Sebastian
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