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Thursday, 2 October 2014


You will Gyrate to his lust
You will Somersault to his pleasure
But he will bypass you and marry someone he can take home and call a wife
You will wonder why and will never understand why
He will come back years later to tell you how miserable he is at home and how boring his wife is
You will gyrate for him again and somersault the more
He will pay for your service in a way that falls short of calling you....well you know when you do it for money.... the name it comes with...
You will see him in public with his wife
Hand in hand
Nice African wear
Dazzling smiles
Oh my gosh! You guys are made in heaven....see how happy you two look...people will say.
You will see it and can't even openly admit you are still the Gyrator General in his life
He will go home with his wife but sneak out for a quickie
He will look sad when it's about time to go back home
He will look sad not because he is leaving you.... no
He looks sad because you still don't get it that you are not worth his name...his ring.... his child.... his home...
He looks sad that you, a woman of such worth, has resigned herself to the position of a gyrator.

Please shall we all stand while I propose a toast.

To the dumb woman who can't see the signs
To the desperate woman who can't be bothered about the red flags


PG Sebastian
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