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Thursday, 2 October 2014


As married people here 
Let us learn these; every office has its own rules

Your best bet if you want to succeed is to be rule abiding.
You may want to apply logic and reasoning to your marriage
But remember anything God established needs a measure of faith and dependence on him to manage

Many people have experimented with their marriage and have done poorly; it’s safe to say, do not try these experiments at home.   
Volkswagen Beetle is a car and so is Ford Focus
But when you are fixing their air conditioners the processes are different.
And if you use "takashi" in attempting to use knowledge in one to fix the other, you risk messing one up
  If you are married,  do yourself this favor and learn what marriage constitutes.

Do not carry a bucket of ice into a lake in the tropics and pinch yourself that the ice melted. Please go to the Arctic Circle if you want to play with your ice in water and still have it. Laws.  
Let's play this little game called love shall we? 
Two rules apply: unconditional love and unconditional submission
I say unconditional because they are mutually exclusive
Learn it by rote and you will always win even if you have lost all but a single game.
You may be the loudest mouth in the lecture theatre
The one that impresses all when you stand up with an argument
But this exam has a marking scheme not a you-scheme
If it is not what the marking scheme says, a thousand page graphs and annotated diagrams will only make your F more painful 
It is not how you want to do it
It is how it is done

How your Granny did it and stayed with your Grandpa for 50 years. 
It is how your mother is trying her best to do. 
Yes the world has changed for sure, but if the new stuff were any better the world would have reflected it. 
As it stands, the world is in Chaos. The new stuff is kindda torchy. Hey careful you don't catch fire!
There is nothing like my style of love and your style of love. Love in Marriage is as the bible says it is; unless you and the bible have disavowed each other
Sometimes we trying to excuse, or justify many things through logic
We forget it is another human we are dealing with. If you think you can scientifically study and predict your partner, bring me an honest Sociologist and I will throw you a party in the Bermuda Triangle...wherever that is.
It is not how you want to please your is how they want to be pleased.  If you refuse to do it their way, you forfeit the right to expect that something is done your way 
There is no room for selfishness,  manipulation and entrenched positions in marriage
There is no room for selfish ambition and selfish aspirations there 
When the bible said, 'and the two shall be one', it meant our lives and everything else becoming one
You may have not married the best person but there is no time as the wrong time to merge your desires and be truly one in your heart and mind.  
People do Biological Sciences for first degree and do MBA for their masters.
It is how you perceive the future and how you want to make the best out of it by taking small steps today.
If you see it as for better for worse, nothing should stop you from making changes and adjustments that has the long term benefit of the family at heart. If you cannot see the family beyond yourself, then marriage is not for you 

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