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Sunday, 6 July 2014


Something quite random happened to me this evening and I want to share an insight I had from it with you.

On my way home I went to the Shell Shop after the motorway roundabout on the Aflao Rd. I picked a 700ml bottle of Proctor and Gamble's Olay Body wash. Since that is my regular body wash I always seem to have a fair idea of the market price. I saw a price tag of 27.00 on it. I thought it was ok since they mostly go between that price and sometimes as low as 22.00. I picked a loaf of bread and super glue and my damage was 43.00. I paid and went to sit in the car.

The math was not balancing properly In my head,  so I took the receipt out to actually look at the prices. The Olay was sold to me for 35.00.

I spotted these three nice ladies at the counter from the car. Be a man and go back to the counter or be a typical man and go home? No Yawa. I chose the former. I went to the counter and asked the lady for the true price. She said the sticker price was wrong. The right price was what was on the receipt. To return the item or to go home with it? Three nice chics. It's cash... but it's flex. Stupid flex. I told the lady then I couldn't buy it.

Oh sir! But I have cashed it in. She said. I am sorry my dear.  But I am not paying that much for something I can get cheaper in another shop. I said. Everyone was steady. I am sorry but I can't take it. I insisted. A supervisor standing by told her to take it and refund my money. They deceived me into buying it with that wrong sticker to begin with. They thanked me and I left.

I drove to Community 25 junction, branched off to a super market by the road and got it for 25.00 10.00 Cedis cheaper.

When I sat in the car, I thought to myself, so I would have lost that 10.00 Cedis because of laziness?  Because it was no big deal? Because I saw some ladies I don't even know standing by the counter? Ladies I shouldn't be bothered about.... not with my planeteer power wedding ring? Because I did not bother to check the receipt?

I mean, how many things have we lost like that? For me my lessons are always about heart issues. You can pick your own lessons.

Are you still in the relationship because you fear what observers will say? Oh we have dated for soo long...oh I am tired of changing guys/ladies... people will think I am this or that.... I don't want to rock the boat. Oh it's no big deal. No relationship is perfect. Oh when it comes to love,  you lose some and win some.

And because of that you are paying more for what you want. You are spending more for what someone would have taken less to offer. Just to be taken and God willing taken to the altar, you are being abused, cheated on, lied it, they give it to you.... but you are scared because the three chics at the counter will think 'ah but this guy/lady paa...." Your three chics of friends, neighbours, colleagues,  pastor,  name them. But truth be told they don't care that much. It's your money... your is your heart,  your emotions, your future, your destiny, your body, your reproductive health, your dignity. That is what is at stake here....

You can choose to drive on and haunt yourself with a million why-didn't-I-return it... or you can actually return it and go home knowing that you made a saving of 10.00.... you made a saving on your dignity,  your values, body, future,  finances, time.

Right in another shop I got the same thing really cheaper or for the price I was expecting it to be.
 Is he not just a man? Is she not a woman like the rest? So why are you paying so much for this one as if they are gold plated? This your knight in shinny Armour business is just another big talker wrapped in Aluminum foil. Don't be fooled. Take everything off and he is just like any other guy. So why must you pay so much for what others don't stress that much to get. This peace of mind that has come for everyone to get some (direct translation from Fante)  don't you want yours?

Why are you choosing the expensive one when the same thing is going for a price lower somewhere? Same thing, same quality? It's not as if the more expensive it is the better it feels on you. You don't enhance your value and worth when he abuses you and cheats on you and tells you lies! She does not spec you up with all these disrespecting and two timing. What kind of "thing" aaah does she do that even with this double life, you are still sticking by, young man?

This ain't ostentatious good that comes with privileges attached to the price. So buy at the right price and have some peace of mind. This advice is tax free and 100% Discounted.

Remember,  every relationship has an opportunity cost to it. The opportunity cost of a bad relationship is a good relationship you cannot have.

Be wise.... check the receipt again and if you think it is over priced,  go get your money....

But how would you know if it is over priced, when you don't know the prevailing market price? Talk to a counselor,  talk to a significant other...find out if the demands and what you are going through In your relationship is normal or it is a bit on the high side.

Bless your hearts and share this with the world.

PG Sebastian
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