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Thursday, 10 July 2014


Saturday 28th June 2014, Prampram Township. House No 56/3A

Strong language and sexual depiction. Reader discretion is advised.

When the House help came, she grabbed the stuff she had gone to purchase for her from the market and rushed out to her car and left.

“So you are telling us she literally came to your house to seduce you into having sex with her?” The Clan Elder asked finding the story…well, he was not sure how to find the story. It was a mixture of thoughts and feelings running through his mind.
“Yes Please.” Richard answered with his head bowed down.
“And after that she just got up and left?” His Clan linguist asked.
“Yes please” He affirmed
“Did you get in touch with her again?” Naa Morkor’s clan Elder asked curiously.
“I did not have her number. And there was no way I was going to ask for it from my wife. So I kept quiet on it.” He responded lamely.
“You did not have her number and it did not occur to you to ask for it after your stupid game?” The irritated Clan Elder asked harshly.
“Ah, I guess he was overtaken by events he did not remember to collect it.” The Clan Elder’s linguist suggested.
“Oh rubbish” The Clan Elder threw the thought out.
“Ah, what can I say. That is the only reasonable excuse anyone could give.” The elderly linguist stated.

“Honestly, I was really haunted by it and many thoughts went through my head.” Richard said broodingly.
“Thoughts like?”
“I don’t know, Sir, but many things. And not having her number for me was the best way to move on.” He said.     

“Ok, so what happened next?” Richard’s Clan Linguist prompted him to continue with the story.

“Two weeks later, my wife traveled to Takoradi to Audit a company at the Takoradi Port area. thirty minutes after her plane took off I received her text.
“Whose text?” Naa Morkor’s Clan Elder asked with an interrogative frown on his face fearing what he was thinking.
“What was in the text?” He pressed.
“She wanted us to go home together and spend the evening before she went to Tema.”
“Where does she work?”
“She works with a Bank at Ridge”
“And you?”
“I work around the Ministries please”
“So you drove together home in the same car?”
“No please, I went home and she came later”
“Home as in your matrimonial home?” Naa Morkor’s Clan Linguist asked for the purpose of record.
“Yes, sir.” Richard confirmed. “So she came with food from Alisa Hotel. We had dinner. And well it happened again” Richard said, sounding disappointed in himself.
“What happened again?” a thousand mouths went up in curiosity. 
“We slept together.” He said quietly through the hail of voices.
“Where were the children?” His own Family Linguist asked quite surprised at his recklessness.
“They were in their room”
“And the lady who helps out in the house?” He quizzed.
“She was also in her room”
“So you took this woman to your bedroom?” The Clan Elder asked feeling disgusted.
“No please. In her car” Richard stared up everyone’s wildest imagination, to which a crescendo of murmuring rose up in the room.
“Then that must be some big car.” An elderly woman said from the doorway to the kitchen. What followed was a laughter that calmed everyone down.

“And so how long did this go on?” The Clan Elder said when all the buzz had settled down.

“It went for a while. But we started meeting in hotel rooms.”
“And I take it it was the woman who always called for the match” There was a laughter in the room at the use of the word ‘Match’ by the Clan Elder.
“Hmm.” Richard exhaled heavily.
“And it was always when your wife travelled” Naa Morkor’s Clan Linguist said intuitively.
Richard shook his head in the affirmative.
“Was it her husband who was telling her when your wife was not in the house?” He further inquired.

“My elders” Richard, started with a renewed strength. “ To me, her husband was Naa’s Manager so I assumed he was  the one telling her about Naa’s Itinerary. But later I realised it was not possible for her to be with me if her husband was in town. So I started putting things together in my head.”

The whole room started buzzing as the family members started discussing the implication of what Richard had just said. 
“Putting things together in your head? How about just asking her where her husband was?” One of Naa’s Auntie asked with anger in her big voice.
“Oh, you too allow the man to speak!” She was yelled at.
“Silence!!!” The elderly Clan Linguist showed in a frail voice.
“I tried a couple of times but she was always dodgy on the subject” Richard said quietly looking at the Auntie who asked the question.
“So you chose to keep quiet and enjoy it instead of getting to the root of her behaviour” His family Linguist stated.
“It could have been many things leading to this; what if she was carrying some disease? These women are dangerous. What if she needed your semen for juju? Continue”

Friday June 6th 2014, 8pm Room 314, Groove Hotel,

“Where do you get your energy from?” Richard asked standing at the entrance to the bathroom, holding a can of Rox Energy drink he had half emptied after their first bout. “I mean, at your age and number of kids, any guy would think you are completely off the road. Girl, you are a monster.”
“Don’t mind the body, mind the engine.” Julia answered literally shouting it out. “Damn! You got a run for your money. Boy, this is soo good.” She had just had her second orgasm and the world was literally resting in her crotch. The quivers and the shivers were like nothing she had ever experienced. The feeling was getting better every day with Richard.
“You are good Ricky; I must give this to you. You are that good.”
“Well with this kind of energy, I would say you are the better party.” Richard said trying to play down the boosted self-impression. He had always wondered if he was any good, considering the fact that Naa was not the kind of woman who gave feedback on their sexual encounters.
“And where did you learn all these tricks and skills?” He asked, sneaking into bed and rubbing his scruffy beard on her smooth belly and plastering her naval with soft kisses. “Damn you could literally blow a man’s head off”
“Haaah! He will hump till the head goes teeeerrrr and splatters of brain tissue and blood and shrapnel of skulls litter all over the place while his torso keeps humping. I will go like, go dead man! Go dead man! Go dead man!.” She said and exploded into a contagious bout of laughter.
“Lemme see if I can try that on you” She made a serious face.
“No no no. Please I want my head intact”
“Oh don’t be such a she-cat”
“that is a good one” Richard laughed, amused at the expression.
“Yea a milder version of the actual thing.” She said.
“What actual thing?” He inquired innocently.  
“Lemme show you where.” She said seductively. “But first, close your eyes.” She rolled Him off her and made to sit.
“Erm can I ask you a question?” Richard asked
“Errmm can it hold till your head is blown up first?” She teased him.
“Nooo” Richard said laughing and gently pushing her away from him.
“Aarrgghhh. Wharris daaat? She said with a childish irritation on her face. “Unless it is a million dollar deal, Please lemme finish blowing your head up pleeease” She begged.
“No no hear me out for a minute” He gently insisted.
“Ok, what is it” She gave in.

“Ok, so we have been having this going on for a while now and I am not sure how to call it.” Richard started, choosing his words carefully in order not to mess up the ambience. He was sure he was going to have a top up before they left the hotel room and he needed to keep sexiness in the room. “I am not sure what the end game is; can you tell me what the end game is?”
“Well I will tell you what the end game is…” she said creeping back up on him with the alertness of crouching tigress. “The end game will be tonight when I eat your brains out with the sex of a lifetime. I will sit here and watch your head pop. I will gather the bone debris and the bloody brain tissues and make an omelette with it. So please let’s get to it” she said mounting him up and attempting to kiss him.

Richard gently rolled her off him. “Where is your husband?”
“O Richard.” She said with such maternal endearment. She was suddenly looking old and completely unattractive. “Richard Richard Richard. Where is your wife?”

“She is traveled.” He said. His heart missed a beat. He felt tired and fainting.

“Good, my Husband is traveled too.” She said quietly and reluctantly without looking at him. “To the same place your wife is gone to. They are sleeping in the same hotel, they just finished dinner, and they are currently in the same room. Just like us. And as we speak, your wife is probably going down on my husband and sucking his brains out as she has been doing for the past two years. That is where my husband is.”


“What?” Richard’s mouth moved, but the word did not come out? “What?”
“No. It is not possible” He said sickly.
“Yea, that was what I said to.” She said reflectively. “Not My husband. Not My Larry.”

Richard was completely stoned.

PG Sebastian
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