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Thursday, 12 June 2014


I Challenge you young man and woman to live your life purposefully, intentionally and consciously. Take charge of your choices and decisions and make each one of them count knowing very well that nothing that ever moved the world happened out of the randomness and haphazardness of our existential lifestyle. Everything that has caused a quantum leap in our world was the offspring of diligence, thoughtfulness, discipline, sacrifice, deliberateness and a sense of purpose.

Unless you want to be remembered as, ‘Osimesi was here some’, you must rise above the deception that life is too short and far more glorious to be too serious in it, losing the bliss thereof. Take charge of your life, your family, your marriage, your relationship, your career, your spiritual and emotional life and your health. Make choices and decisions that will, in the final analysis, place you at an advantaged place; a higher ground than where you were when you took your first step in life.

 You cannot put your life on autopilot and dance to the rhythm of nature, when all that you are dancing to is the whims and prejudices of a few controlling people, toxic status quo, the scourge of modernity harshly divorced from a stabilizing evidence of morality – the rightness or otherwise of things. 

I feel you are bigger than anything that is in this world. Rise up and reconstruct your own reality. There is something in you; something of supernatural form, something that people have harnessed to change the world around them. The book of James says that a double minded person is unstable in all his ways. Did you know that a single minded person is a person who knows exactly what he or she is doing?  Such persons do not wait to get to the bridge before they think of how to cross it; the bridge is crossed before they get started because their actions are deliberate, purposeful and conscious. The forge their lives in the furnace of determination not minding in the least what people around are saying. Noah is my witness.

Somewhere in the dark recessed of our minds resides the power to create the grand picture of what our lives and our experiences must look like in the final analysis; and it is regardless of bits n pieces our choices are today. 

PG Sebastian