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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


The first trimester of every pregnancy can be very unsettling for most woman(some even last for the entire duration of the pregnancy) It is aggravated where the woman works in a demanding environment. During this time (and sometimes for the rest of the nine months) there are cravings, mood swings among others. Some women throw up, others get never ending bouts of morning sickness, feeling lazy, sleepy and generally fatigued and grouchy. Name it....they get it.

The least any man can do for his wife is to be patient and have a big heart the size of China to contain it all. No need being upset or rude or abusive. Clearly you put it all in there. Try and ease the daily workload off her... especially when your wife is a first timer. Excessive exertion may cost both of you something precious.

Not every woman gets the chance to be pregnant and not every man gets the chance to get his wife in that position.

Some women lose their glitter and swag; some forever, others for the moment of the pregnancy. Always love her for who or what she is becoming and help her adjust to it. After the period, help her come back to her normal self in terms of weight and shape. There is no need to write her off and make her feel like she is cursed. She is lovely.... only pregnant.

During the nine months, the woman, due to all the above personal drama, may not be in the position to give to the man all that the stallion in him may desire. The greatest sacrifice you can make for your wife is the sacrifice of fidelity and faithfulness. You can stay faithful if you put your mind to it. 

PG Sebastian 
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