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Thursday, 17 October 2013


You may never find all there is to know about a woman before you make that decision to date her or move from regular dating to something serious and monogamous. However, there are a few crumbs she may accidentally leave behind which can help you know she is good to keep.

A few of them are considered.  If:

She calls to check up on you during working hours and she can tell from your voice you are stressed and soothes you with a few words 

She insists on you cooking your own meal rather than buying from the food joint. She may once in a while even come over to fix you a decent meal

She insists on you taking your medication when you are down with a bug

She says, 'you didn't have to spend all that on a bag, WE could use that money for something else'

She insists you call your parents regularly and calls them herself to check up on them

She come to tell you of how this other guy is stalking her and how she wants you to solve the problem like a man protecting his property (or at least help her deal with the lady)

She says please pick the call (her call) and take the message

She goes out of her way to watch a football game with you because you like it

If she stands up to her friends for you

If she crosses the city through traffic just to come see your face....

Then she is good to keep. Don't confuse her with the hot chan chan lady.

PG Sebastian
Copyright 2013