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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Loyalty and disloyalty. Every decision or choice you are making now proves your loyalty or disloyalty to someone: your man or your woman, your job, your kids, your family, your God. Someone somewhere is in the balance as you make your life choices. So let your choices and decisions prove your loyalty to those you have pledged your allegiance to. Nothing is on its own and and limited to you. Every action or inaction will directly or indirectly, presently or in the future affect someone, whether they will find out or not.

When loyalty is called into play, it will not be what we find out that will be what you did.

From this moment, let us learn to tell the other lady, the guy in the background, we are sorry; the flirting must stop, the suggestive jokes and the demeaning comments about our partners cannot continue. You have made your choice and you will be loyal to it. Break up all disloyal relationships.

Be loyal to your employers by utilizing your official working time. And to your family be loyal by coming home early enough instead wasting time at work bantering and gossiping after work and telling your spouse you have some over time to kill when you could have done all that before 5pm.

Be loyal to your God when you have to make choices that bring His word in collision course with what you really want to do.

Be loyal to yourself and love yourself far above and beyond the abuse, deception and toxicity of the relationship you are in. You are too young and fresh to be withered prematurely. Stay away from the heat; there is a shade right behind you.

Be loyal. In the face of temptation choose loyalty. It is not easy; Peter proved and David too, but it can be done as Joseph and  Jesus proved it. You can be loyal too.

Choose loyalty.
 PG Sebastian
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