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Monday, 2 September 2013


As a young man aspire to keep it all clean and neat. The Singlet, Drawers and Briefs – Keep it white [or within acceptable colors], clean and neat. Your Socks, it is just GHC5.00 [$2.50] in traffic; holes-in-socks is not a good one. Behold, you do not know where and when, for one good reason or the other, that you must take off your trousers, shirt or shoes. And when that time comes, you must put on a good show.

Keep your shirts neat, well pressed and pretty stainless. Long sleeved shirts with SHARP V or U Shaped ends are preferably tacked in. Checkered shirts are usually not good with neck ties unless it is for showbiz or the patterns are small, monochromatic  and inconspicuous from a distance. In that case, the tie must be plain…the same way a striped shirt is better under a plain tie. Striped shirt, striped tie…seriously? Can’t you feel it screaming at you?

I appreciate the fact that you like to feel free in your suit, but let it fit so everyone knows it is yours and for the present day…not a suit bought with future body expansion in mind. As for the trousers, keep it loose enough not to show The Contours; we know you are a man. However, the space must not be big enough to conceal a cruise liner.  Keep your shoe polished, keep it from wearing off if you ‘wheel it’ a lot. There is something called ‘talking’ ; get the boys to fix one for you so the heels can last.

A neat and clean guy is 60% hot without any effort…the rest is how you express yourself. And your articulation and ability to get your point across in a reasonable and nice way is a tenderizer on any woman. Talking of Tenderizers, humor works like magic… I don’t mean dirty, religious and sexist jokes….  Be Witty, interesting, funny and exciting to be with, not Akpos!

Intelligence is always a plus for a guy, nerds are a turn off…do not start describing in bloody details the technical aspect of mobile technology even if you know it…just make a simple lady understand it in the day-to-day language. Women Don’t want complicated conversations…they just want people to talk to… Don't ask women silly questions; Always think twice before you drop the question...When you are with a woman always endeavor to think twice before you say anything; why are you in a rush? Take it easy and enjoy her company...

Talking about Talking to women, be willing to listen… Even if it is the most boring subject in the world… Listen. A good listener is like a magnet; you attract people from both sexes, only do not take advantage of it. Learn a little bit about arts, food, fashion, cars, menstrual cycle and pregnancy and make ups…Know the difference between Blacks Secret and Mary Kay.... you do not know when a woman will go berserk and confuse you with Google… Learn bits and pieces of everything; you do not know when you will find yourself with people of higher class.

I have been trying to figure out why I am typing all these…  But since I am not sure… I will end it here till I find the purpose for this write up… But if it has blessed you, share it with a brother and tell him, you like his perfume…but it is a bit too strong...oh and next time he must not douse it in his clothe…see the stain! Behind the ear, and in the hollow between the forearm and the upper arm [elbow joint] will suffice.

Life Goes on… 

PG Sebastian
Copyright 2013