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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Young lovers of the 21st Century will never know:

1. Calling your crush on a landline and the petrifying fear of not knowing if their parents would pick up (you now simply dial their cell numbers)

2. Writing a carefully worded letter with half of all the words in a dictionary, puffing a few of your mum's perfume in it or pressing a flower and adding it up. (Now there is forwarded Whatsapp messages and song lyrics)
3. Banging the phone on your lover after an argument (now it's a just a lame red button you press to cut a call)
4. Having to go for days without seeing or hearing from them (thanks to twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you know what is going on with them up to the second)
5. Having to actually take them out for a stroll (Seriously, lets Skype and watch pirated movies....or let's do KFC.)

Technology has taken up everything! My neighbor walks to my house, calls me on the phone and tells me, 'George I am standing behind your door.' Seriously? I didn't know Judge Atu.... had placed an embargo on knocking! My other friend tells me, she can be in her room and chat with her brother who is in his room via Whatsapp instead of coming out to sit and chat at the living room. She thinks it is weird; guess what I think too... Soo freakish true!

Couples, would rather get to work before they pick phones to discuss issues they could have discussed face-to-face. The only time they are at the apex of their humor is only when they hide behind the keypads of cellphones. What happened to US? What happened to meaningful human interactions? What happened to guts and courage. What happened to the days when a young man could look boldly into the eyes of a woman and tell her, 'I love you. I want to be with you.'

There are more I-love-yous flying on social media to last us a life time yet we are starved of their real manifestation. Young people can organize wild parties and sexual rendezvous  through chats, they meet and do it and sheepishly walk away. There is more pride and joy placed in what people say to us and about us on social media portals than when it is to our face.

Behind a computer or cellphone, people can create so much hype about love you feel absolutely hungry for it and a never ending thirst to be immersed in it. Yet you meet them in reality and they can't even look you in the face. The man who is all bold and naughty in the chat-house is suddenly stammering and shaking on legs wobbling like jelly. 

We have people who insist that their partners show open love to them on their social media portals either by displaying their pictures, adding the partner's name to their names or having pictures of the two of them. Yet these two know just as much about themselves in reality as that lady in the blue dress knows about what is under the hood of her car.

Love is real. Love is action. Love is daily kept burning. The human and personal touch to it gives it a lot of meaning. Much us mobile technology makes it more engaging and exciting, there is the real human touch, that creates real butterflies in our tummies... you cannot show this kind of real love in cyberpace for all the emoticons in the cyberworld!

PG Sebastian
Copyrights 2013