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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I had over thousand pictures on my phone which for a while now had caused my device to prompt me that my 16GB space was running out. A couple of minutes ago, I set out to delete the pictures. Each picture looked unique no matter how similar it was to the previous one. I was struggling to choose those to delete and those to keep. Then it occurred to me that was exactly how we keep things in our lives and end up making them take so much space that we cannot find enough space for the new things that life is bringing our way.

I realized that because of the critical reduction in space, some of the functions on the phone had been halted. Have you noticed that there are some things in your life that take so much space nothing else literally seem to work in your life; you cannot have time and space to do anything except to manage them.

It could be that habit, that lifestyle, that relationship, that job, that social commitment, it could be anything taking up space in your life. And like my pictures, sometimes, you develop some sentimental attachment to them so much so that even while they are a pain in your side, you still want to keep them. I know you are asking yourself how can you let this relationship go after 3 years of sacrifice and hard work? How can you walk out of this job since that is the only Job you know. You without your Social Club members is like you without your skin.... It's so difficult to let go.

Well your sentimental attachment to them does not change the fact that they are also denying you some joy. I could have chosen to keep the pictures and deny myself the joy of taking new ones, having my apps updated and getting my browser to work without crashing, or delete some files most of which are picture files so I can free up some space for the many other things that will make life enjoyable and blissful....

I have chosen to cast my lot with a Better Future Prospect, I do not know about you, but, I hope you won't get stuck in the past while the future walk right away in front of you.

PG Sebastian 
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