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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Most of us live our lives as part of the world statistics. We are part of the nameless faceless numbers that make up the various issues the world is discussing. We are basely described in numbers and figures, graphs and charts. But I strongly feel with are born and exist for something greater; something far more glorious and important that we cannot be hidden in the pages nooks and cranes of numbers and the labyrinth of complex charts. 

We have names and we have faces; names and faces that must fill the corridors of our world with awe and reverence. 

Your name must not be part of the names; you should not be one of the thousands of tertiary educated graduates - employed or unemployed, belong to one of the families succumbing to social evolution, just a Christian; just a woman or man; a sick person or a healthy person. Today tell yourself that your days in the various queues of life are over and your life as part of life's statistics is ended.

No one should mention a name on a list in one breath, and in the next breath, mention yours and then move on. Your name must always make people pause a moment.

Today tell yourself, with utmost faith and strong conviction, that if a thousand graduates are applying for a single job position, you will be taken regardless of what others put on their CV. The bible says in the year of famine, Isaac planted and reaped a hundred fold [Gen 26:1-14]. 

Today if you are employed and promotion to the top seem like a mirage, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that NEW POSITIONS would have to be created so you can occupy them; Someone ahead of you must resign or get another job offer elsewhere so their seats can be vacant for you.(don't pray for someone's dismissal though - smile)

Regardless of where you are hidden; whether in a Jail, like Joseph; or in the field, like David; or in wine-press, like Gideon; tell yourself when your crown is forged, it must only fit your head and no other head. When the prophet comes to anoint a king they must remember to call you regardless of how long they have forgotten about you. When a difficult task comes up they must remember the young man or woman who is the only one with the solution - YOU

No matter your family, Educational or Financial background [Judges 11 & 12 – the Story of Jephthah the son of a harlot and a Mighty man of valour who Judged Israel], tell yourself you cannot die UNCELEBRATED. You must be positively celebrated; you must be the first amongst the best.

When they are mentioning names and they get to yours they must pause. Regardless of which register your name appears in, it must be treated with respect, reverence and awe. Someone’s heart must miss a beat by the fact that they are privileged to mention your name and meet you.

In the midst of social decadent look upon your sleeping children and make positive declarations on their lives and tell yourself that even if the whole world goes blind your children will be the one-eyed kings.

In the midst of marital tumult tell yourself your marriage will work; your relationship will stand. God will always bring your man or woman home. No matter the temptation, no matter their weakness, no matter where you are failing, God will intervene for His name sake and save that which is heavy for your arms.

In the midst of strange incurable diseases; diseases that we don’t even know how they spread, your life would be spared; you and your loved ones.

When Car accidents are a common place you would be kept safe because God has got a legion of Angels specifically assigned to keep you in all your ways.

When strange weapons of the enemy are fashioned against you; thru people you suspect, those you don’t, forces from your family, your workplace, your house; forces physical and spiritual; forces named and unnamed; imaginable and unimaginable...Tell yourself God’s Spirit will lift up a standard against them.

Today refuse to be part of the statistics of life: (Please note the stats provided below are made up figures for the purpose of the write up)

75.4% of University Graduates  are unemployed...[you are in it]
Chances are that 90% of staff won’t be promoted within the next two years [you are in it]
60% of Ghanaians live under the poverty line [you are in it]
2,000 approx. people die in road accidents annually [ you are likely to be in it]
36% of all marriages contracted in 2009 did not last a year [you are in it]
Teenage vices and other socially deviant behaviours have shot up by 53% within the past  decade [your kids are in it]


75.4% of people are unemployed...[you are sending your CV this week and next week you are starting work]
Chances are that 90% of staff won’t be promoted within the next two years [We need to do something About (Put your name there) because we cannot afford to go a year further without promoting him/her – Management talking]
60% of Ghanaians live under the poverty line [you are not part of it]
2,000 approx. people die in road accidents annually [ You are going to stay outside that number for all times even though you all travel the same road]
36% of all marriages contracted in 2009 did not last a year [yours will last till death do you part]
Teenage vices and other socially deviant behaviours have shot up by 53% within the past  decade [ Your kids still listen, do not disrespectfully talk back at you, do not go picking fights,  are not into substance abuse nor pregnant at teenage....

Today see yourself uniquely, that is the only way your story will be unique. We have the breath of God in us therefore we exhibit  His nature. We have the power to declare things for them to stand, to plant or uproot what we so desire. Let us take a stand and say we are different. Let us say the laws of this world may apply to us but will not determine our ultimate fate.

This month, hmmm Ego bee k3k3

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God Bless Us

PG Sebastian
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