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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


The Higher you go, the lonelier it gets, the colder you feel and fewer your crowd becomes. The space up there is small so you cannot afford a lot of people around. You must cut some off and some will go off themselves. You will be left with those who see through your eyes and those who face the same direction as you. When you wake up one day and your friends are few and you feel all alone and cold; Be glad because you are up there.

It is not everyone who must sit with you in your glory. Every tree that bears not a fruit is cut off. In your hour of elevation some people will lose their ability to give taste to your life, cut them off. Do not live in the lie that old friends are the best. Are they? What about the old friends you used to steal with; Chase skirts with; Drink with; Nag with; 'Aimless' and 'lose' with; crawl with; fail with, break homes with, sugar daddy with? 

What happened when you told them you wanted to change your life and do something better with it? Did they follow you? Did they encourage you? So why let them suddenly show up with a litany of good times you had together and be a baggage now that you have broken through? Some of these friends you might have even planned your steps to a breakthrough with, but they laughed behind you and ridiculed you. Now that you have broken through they are all creeping around, not to ask you to teach them how you did it, but are now asking to be made part heirs to your throne. Do you remember the guy who left you because you wanted to put a stop to the sex, the morning after pill and the wanton abortion? So why is he creeping back now that your life is together and looking set for the highest place?

In your hour of glory, you cannot afford lose talkers, little minds and shortsighted people. You cannot pat pessimists at the back and hug draw-backers! Where I sit, if you are not pushing me up or coming along in the things that are precious to me, then we are at a T-junction...find your way out! ...That should be your new greeting to your friends! 

When you decide to marry, some friends must go; those who fundamentally think marriage is a waste of time, those who think any man or woman is a potential bed-mate, any man or woman who feel they cannot love or submit, any man or woman who feels marriage is nothing but any other contract. These people must go because they are everything that can guarantee you a ‘What-A-Shock’ or ‘Gone-Too-Soon’ Marriage.

When you decide to turn to God and serve him with all your heart, some friends must go. You cannot be in the midst of crawling ants and remove those that are crawling up your body. It is only wise that you first run to safety, stamping your feet violently till they drop off, then you remove those that are still holding on to your body with your hands. Sometimes the need for change, especially spiritual renewal, must make us feel like our very lives are on the line. How do intend to grow and become spiritually strong when you are still with people who did things that made you spiritually dead? Some people say they want to help their friends to change, noble as it may be, you first need learn to walk before you attempt to help someone. If you and your friends are moving together, that is fine, but if your friends are not willing to change then you cannot hang out with them. How do you do that? You meet them before or after prayer meetings? You meet them to drink, watch porn, talk about girls or boys, gossip, idle around and do all sorts of things, then you go for bible studies? And they will not even visit your church or allow you even to share a WORD with them. No. Cut them off.  

In the CEO office every seat is important, if you are of less worth you cannot be in there; sit with the secretary downstairs. Up there is for serious business. Three extra seats for people of his/her class. I don’t think you want the CEO of another company to sit outside with the secretary so you can have all the time in there with the CEO talking about nothing. If they decide to come down to you while you wait for them outside, he will; but don't think it is your right! 

At the top people play, golf, at the bottom you play wayside soccer! How many people did you say play golf? What about street soccer? You see even the games are well defining enough.

Don't waste your time. Salvation, breakthrough, family, health, success among others are individual affairs. Blessed are you if you have a crowd who move with you...if you do not, leave your lot behind and move on!

From now on, you need to deal with the excess baggage, God is sending you somewhere, let go off the past; those who want to come along have legs; let them run up and catch up. Shut your ears and don't pay attention to all the comments being passed; People who want to please everyone never get to focus on anything important and never achieve any goal can ask the politicians.... People will slow you down till you miss your time and all they can say is ‘oooh it was not meant for you.’ But it’s a lie; thy made you miss it.