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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


If anyone seeks fellowship in marriage, he or she seeks a good thing. Marriage is a beautiful thing; but it is also a lot of hard work. It is a lot of work which requires maturity to be able to do it and do it right. 

Anyone who is making preparations to take that step must show maturity enough to:
Know that playing games are over
know that loose ends must first be tied before the Altar not after the Altar.
Know that it is not like any other commercial contract where you can choose to keep to yourself anything your partner has not asked you about, but rather, in utmost good faith, make known all that is material to the marriage
Know that It calls for unconditional love from the man and unconditional submission from the woman; and that any of the two is not contingent on the manifestation of the other - as the bible expects of us.
Know that you cannot put your hand to the Plough and look back at another man or woman
Know that you do not know it all and therefore the need to find a counselor you can flow with, yet trust and confide in, from whom you can seek directions from time to time; someone your partner will also accept
Know that some doors must be closed, some numbers must be deleted, sometimes, if necessary and possible, your phone number, location, job, friends and companions must change
Know that you will need some divine intervention every now and then to go through some period steadfastly, wisely and sanely
Know that your partner suddenly becomes your father, mother, brother, sister, pastor, priest, counselor, friend and lover and many more and a first point of call in any situation and in most cases the last point of call as well.
Know that because of the immediately preceding point, you cannot settle on any man or woman who will make it hard for you to accept them in that capacity
Know that your partner is human flawed and frail and that in times of extreme, anger love, care and kindness must influence all the actions you will take. Some actions which may seem plausible at the time of taking them may leave bitter taste in your mouth later on. Cook your words and actions well as you may want them to be served you so that when you are called upon to eat them back, you can.

God bless you and keep you. May He keep the destroyer far from your family and relationship with his mighty hand and his fiery countenance which cannot look upon sin with comfort. May he make you wise not to confuse the things that are subject of prayer and things that are subject of hard word, discipline and a sense of responsibility.

I love you all

~PG Sebastian~
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