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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Much as I wish I could come up with some nice preamble to introduce this very sticky issue I am as passionate about as many people are, I will not, indeed I cannot find it in me to be all cozy and sweet-talking about it.  

It is fundamentally wrong for any man or woman to put religious obligations ahead of the family. After God was done creating the earth and man, He felt companionship, intimacy and procreation was utmost and therefore authorized their creation.

I am not saying that after marriage people should neglect their service to God in favour of their spouses; what I am saying that your home must be in order before you run off to church for long progammes back to back. I am saying that you first feed the hungry in your house and clothe the destitute at home before you go giving fat offerings. Don't quote the prophet who had to eat the poor widow's food as a defense, because there was also the young man who ate sacred food in the temple so he does not die....and Jesus who healed on the Sabbath. There is a reason why your tithe is 10% of your income and not 80% and the Sabbath is just a Day not five days in a week. I am saying that feed your husband, make sure your wife is safe and warm before you go lifting up hypocritical hands before God. Settle your conflicts at home before you go out all smiles. 

God did not impose the family on you; you went to a man's house and pledged your willingness and ability to take care of his son or daughter in a reasonable and acceptable way after the likeness of a normal family. That was your decision. If you want to go all out for God fine, do it alone or get a man or woman who will walk step for step shoulder to shoulder with you. But then there are the kids; do you remember how Eli, who was the judge of Israel and the priest of God, raised deviant kids who dragged his name in the mud because of his neglect? 

The body of Christ is a lifestyle and service to Christ is not confined to the church building. Our primary service to God, our reasonable and acceptable service, is to and through mankind.... starting from our home and extending it to the community around us. Every now and then we come together to worship and break bread and share His word; but what defines us is the lives we lead thereafter, in the view of the world. 

Keep your eyes on the family young man and young woman. No matter how spiritual you become, you or your family won't be immune from the consequences of your neglect.

~PG Sebastian~ 
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