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Friday, 3 May 2013


Whoop whoop!!! PIGIPEDIA Has reached 30,000 views four years after its first publication. Since then we have published 86 articles. The most viewed article is, That Is Why I am Walking Out On Him - A Conversation At A Restaurant - 2,054 views and 65 published comments. Majority of the readers are from the US – 4,861 unique viewers (in terms of unique computer IPs), followed by Ghana 2,062 and then the UK 555. I have had at least one viewer from North Korea. 

To someone this is nothing. To me it means a lot. This is a small blog which is not into politics or finance or fashion or entertainment. It hasn't won any fancy awards or anything like that. It is basically into love, family, relationships and personal development. With only 86 articles in 4 years, it means, on the average, I publish an article every 16 days. I need not tell you of the woefully long articles I write, some as long as 15 A4 pages, littered with teeth gritting typos and grammos. Yet I get people, like you, who make it a point to read, comment, share and send me personal mails some to thank me, others pointing out grammatical errors and some asking questions. 

I know I could not have come this far but for the loyalty of all of you. I guess if no one read the things I wrote, maybe, I would have stopped writing. 

The article which got me writing was the article on Suarez after he engineered our exit from the world cup in 2010. That article got people flooding my blog, and I thought I could sustain it by writing more…so I did. 

Out of this blog, many wonderful things have come my way including the opportunity to write a column for Ghana Newslink….And bumping into my now personal teacher – An associate of John Maxwell – Wilhelmina Holloway.

It has been wonderful moments owning and writing this blog and I would love to thank all of you for walking with me through this journey. I know it just began. I thank you all for this; God bless you all. My special thanks is to Selina Agyei – a cute little Devilish friend of mine (she is actually tall…my height even though I am 1.83m, she is K-legged, has huge eyes and…well let’s not talk about foreheads) who can concoct a story so plausible you will actually believe it; She introduced me to Blogging in 2009. And I thank God for all the grace He has since poured into me to put up all these articles. 

I will accept that not all my articles have sounded normal to some of you. Some are straight-up crazy in taste, but I know when you are doing something that is beyond you or man, some of the outputs will look and sound Crazy to the ordinary mind. I am grateful to God for finding me and using me and giving me the courage to talk about some of the things many people do not find comfortable talking about. 

Ok enough of the sentimental sweet nothings. We have made some few changes to the site to make your interactions with it and me pretty enjoyable and easier. The name is now twisted a little bit from PIGIPEDIA (which happened to be a name for a site for pigs) to PGPEDIA - PG and PEDIA. PGPEDIA... NO NO NO PGPEDIA... PGPEDIA... Exactly, let the Wikipedia sound come out... PGPEDIA...puuurrffect!  Now you do not have to type to access it; long winding name that is hard to remember...and absolutely not cool! . It is now simply . Now that is hot you can blame it for Global warming! Again you do not have to worry about how you can contact me. There is a simple ‘contact me’ form on the left hand sidebar of the site so all you have to do is to fill it out, which takes less than a min to complete, and let me know how I can be of help to you and I will reach out to you back. If you are using a browser that supports Silverlight, you can chat with me live on Skype and Facebook. The general outlook is now lighter and brighter….:). Again the side bars are now two so you can see  most of the important stuff there without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling…..boy it was so booorrrrrinnnnggg back then. You also get to Rate the site or individual articles.

So enjoy PGPEDIA and have fun. 

Once again I would like to thank you all for making PGPEDIA a blissful experience.

Thank you! Long live PGPedia and Long live you!.    

~PG Sebastian~