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Friday, 31 May 2013


Let not a woman force a man, in the name of modernity, to go to the kitchen and let not a man insist that a woman supports him in paying the bills. If your man decides not to lift a finger to help you out in the kitchen, it is no excuse to starve him or sexually deny him. If your wife decides to spend all her money on herself, well its your duty as a man to still provide for the home and not make a fuss about it. 

However, as a sign of love, support and show of consideration, let a man help his wife in the home keeping duties when she is overwhelmed with same and other pressing needs like the kids and her own work. In the same vain, let the woman be discerning enough to know that the man cannot pay it all and foot it all; let her throw in her dime or pesewa in the family money box. 

Society has a name for a man who is always in the kitchen and woman whose husband is always in the kitchen while she watches Mexican soap. And they have a name for a man whose wife pays all the bills and a woman who pays all the bills while her hubby loiter around. 

The home is a shared and balanced responsibility; there are no airtight compartments and departments.

PG Sebastian

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