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Thursday, 9 May 2013


During the D-Day invasion of Europe, in 1944 (one of the major battle theaters being Normandy in France) The Allied Forces sort to take over Nazi occupied France in a brazen amphibious attack and use it as a basis to take over Nazi Occupied Europe. They realized the German fortifications would be difficult to penetrate without any form of diversion.

One of the diversions they used was dropping dummy storm troopers from planes and making them look like real troopers coming down to attack the German positions. The Germans kept their focus on these dummies, and subjected them to heavy artillery fire, ensuring that they did not land. While they were pulverizing the dummies, the real soldiers were landing in other places, some being killed by mines, German artillery fire, in bogs and all that. But the dummies proves useful in getting the Allied forces the diversion they needed to land in Normandy behind the Well Fortified and disciplined German lines. 

As I thought about this, I asked myself... Are we the Germans? Are Christians the Germans? Are families, the Germans? are we shooting at the dummies while the real enemy sneaks in and do damage to us from behind? Are we fighting the wrong people? Are our eyes and energy focused on the wrong issues? Are you fighting with your man or woman, instead of the friend whose advise is creating the rift in your family and relationship? Are you fighting your children's unruliness when you should be fighting your own work habits and lack of time and commitment to their needs and development? Are you fighting God when you are the one who aught to sit down and do some massive introspection? What dummies are we fighting while the real enemies sneak in? 

I understand that in the battle front, we shoot anything that moves and has the semblance of the enemy. But have you thought about it that the enemy could also be smart and create a diversion? Not all things that you hear about your partner may be true and not all happenings your see when they are around certain people could be intentional; remember, it could be deliberately projected to draw your attention and create a drama so that the real enemy would sneak in and do damage. I have heard of people who cheated or left their relationships/marriages because someone came to tell them their partners were cheating...Guess who they ended up with? The same people who came to gossip. I have seen parents literally cursing and washing their hands off their teenage kids because of their stubbornness, forgetting that these kids were raised by DSTv and Computer Games and Her Ladyship - Hannah Montana. 

Not all you see dropping is the enemy, save your bullets and look for the real enemy; do not panic and think of wiping the enemy out at all cost anytime they pop out... for starters, try and see if they are even real. 

~PG Sebastian~ 

(Inspired by Ravi Zacharias)

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