Building Relationships We Can All Be Proud Of

Thursday, 25 April 2013


The year is 2031. 

This is DAY 6,570 in the Court Hearing of the Case Brought against the Former President of Ghana, the Late John Dramani Mahama and the EC over the 2012 election results. I am in my 50s. Dr. Bawumia, now a fat man, who struggles to breathe and can barely see, is still in the Box and Tony Lithur is asking the Doctor about his fabled Pink sheets. The President in question, as I indicated, is very much Dead – Died in his sleep after serving two terms. His predecessor has also served his full two terms and is now a UN Special envoy for The Free and Fair Elections for Africa Initiative. A new election has been held and the current president is two years into his tenure. 

Britain is now a republic. The American Homegrown terrorists seem unstoppable…they even have their own UAV or drones. The Germans have allied themselves with the Asian Tigers and the rest of Europe is nothing to write home about. They are always with something Crunchy - Credit crunch and the lot. All of Africa Speaks Chinese. 

In Ghana, everything has stopped. and the Media is silent on the rampant workers strikes because they are glued to the Court hearings. What they don't know is no one is watching or listening because there is no light. We thought the Nigerians could supply Gas but they are yet to honour their pledge. Water is barely flowing. Everyone is playing the blame game and people who have been appointed to fix the problem are complaining about the problem they are to fix. They are singing the same song others sang before them. If it was that song we wanted to hear, why didn’t they keep the old people there?

The Opposition Candidate who felt strongly about his chances in the Election of 2012, is very old and frail. He, however, has decided not to give in. He has sat through all the court proceedings since it started in 2013. They have not allowed him to speak. He cannot walk without aid, talk or hear properly. His vision is still good.

Today we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Death of the Former President of the republic. A man who inspired many Ghanaians in his days. His policies were controversial to many and on point to others. People love him for his boom speeches...others love him for his cool sexy eyes that always followed the ladies around.

It has been a hectic day, diary, as I had to crawl from one place to another due to the bad roads. There was once a fast road called the Motor way. Now there is a slum along it…bigger than Sodom and Gomorrah was in 2013. Everybody is fixated on the pink sheeps…pardon me…Think Sheets.. Oh dear…I mean the Pink sheets and their inconsistent serial numbers that we have all forgotten that the nation has more pressing needs than this so called democratic exercise. Yes an exercise it is. 

Let us go to bed diary; Old Man Lithur, has assured us that he will be done with his cross examination next two years, just in time for the next elections…