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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


The act of sex is a spiritual thing. Since sex is the ultimate expression of love between two people, it should be undertaken by two people who have agreed to live their lives together and be as the Bible puts it, become one flesh. In its reality, it is not just the merging of two flesh, which is physically impossible but the merging of two souls and their spirits. It is in this knowledge that sex, in many societies is ideally placed as a post marital encounter.

Anyone who gets into a sexual relationship goes into a spiritual bond with their partner, a bond that won’t easily be broken. And as long as that bond exists, the partners will always seek each other. If it is a sexual relationship between unmarried persons, the drive to seek each other, which is not socially bound because there is no marriage, will most often drive one partner or the other into another person’s arms since the other person they established that bond with might not be available at that time - or they might have moved on.

Since the soul cannot find that bond in this new person, it will not be satisfied and would want to go on searching. Unfortunately, it would have created another bond with this second person and therefore one soul would be seeking two souls it might not get. The scattered nature of such a search will drive the soul more and more to different people to find what is is seeking but cannot find. And the more it seeks the more it bonds itself with others and become more unsatisfied.

Let us not look at it as a spiritual abstraction, but a reality. Every soul operates in a body and the body responds to the desires of the soul and the spirit. And as long as these intangible and controlling parts of our beings are not satisfied, they would drive us to their bidding.

The practical manifestation of this is that anyone who has had promiscuous relationships finds it very difficult to stick to one partner. They might stay but will still look around. Those who prove faithful do so because most often, the condition to go else where might not exist. Most of such people easily fall when they are subjected to intense temptation.

Again, married women/men with premarital sexual experiences with people other than their partners are more likely to sleep again with those people from their past or with other people than people whose only sexual experience is with their partners.

It is again easy for people who have had multiple sexual relationships to break relationships; premarital or marital ones. This is all so because of the different bonding the soul has undergone and therefore its lack of definite channel of flow. 
Every parent would want to see their children grow up to be responsible parents of their own. If this will happen, they need to teach them to abstain from what they cannot handle once they touch it. No individual is ever the same once they have had one form or the other of a sexual encounter. It is easier for victims of sustained physical abuse to be rehabilitated than victims of rape even though they all happen on the person of the individual. It is easy to rehabilitate and completely set free a drug addict than to separate a person from sexual addiction. it is spiritual and an integral part of every human which stems from within. Every other addiction is introduced into the body or the spirit and therefore can be removed. 
Let us take care of our souls and spirits well, aside them, we are just dust.
 ~PG Sebastian~