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Sunday, 4 November 2012


Relax…nothing lasts forever. Do not kill to have anything today and do not kill yourself over anything today. It will be of very little worth tomorrow…

How much did you pay for your first Cell Phone sim card when mobile phones were introduced in Ghana in the late 90s? The equivalent of $100? How much is it now? Less than 50 cents!

Remember the black and white TV you had to go and stand in people’s windows to watch? Or the color TV you had to pay to watch? Now there is something called 3D smart TV…and over what period? Less than 30 years! I remember when CD players were the hot stuffs; Our neighbor brought a Grundig 5-Piece Machine with surround sound from France. Boy… I hated my dad for not having that machine in our hall... Good ol’ 80s. I remember how you could build your own speakers or get one from the electrician around the corner. There was no 5.1 home theatre set. Infrared was the ish… But God bless Wifi and Bluetooth of today.

I was thinking of what I was doing exactly 10years ago this morning when I was on my way to the office… I remember I was dreaming of how I could raise money to buy a Nokia 3310… I remember when a friend sent me my first cellphone from England after praying and fasting about it… Siemens… Amber Screen… I had to split my pocket money in Half to afford a Buzz (Now Tigo) Chip…0277758527 … I think… Somewhere in March this year, 10years down the lane, another friend right here in Ghana Dashes me A Samsung Galaxy Note. Wow… I could draw on a glass and send it through the air into my inbox! It would have been almost a heresy to say such a thing 20years back.

I remember how having an automatic car was almost impossible. The Smiling Benz and the V-Booth, the Citroens and the Opel Omegas (And I learnt how to drive with an omega)…Now we have cars with sensors to sense everything, cameras and GPS…oh and the ones that talk back at you… Soon we will get one with An AFRICAN ACCENT.

You had to have jeans trousers as big as china; it had to sag, it had to be faded…it had to be called Karl Kani or FUBU. You needed Timberland ‘Combat’ footwear to go with it and a huge tee shirt of similar designer. Your hair was either Jelly curled, Punked or sloped with an ‘aboy’ boldly perching somewhere over your head. Now people even don’t want hairs on their heads again…and those who want it, want it Brazilian or Afro…or braided! As for the dresses, I now wonder if we are wearing any at all today… and those men who would have been heckled as faggots for their choice of dressing, are now freely promoting all these ‘skin-tight’ fashion. Young Money Fashion I call it.

You had to stay in Cantonment or Dansoman to know whatsup… now you know where is up. You had to go to Tech or Legon to be counted as a true university graduate… Do people still say Legon is the only uni in Ghana? Seriously? Smh...!

You see, at every point in time, there is something that would come up strong and make you feel that you need to have it; own one so you can also be counted as being a part of the system. And in the pursuit of it, we pierce ourselves with many affliction and woes.

Somewhere in 2005, the Ministry of health gave brand new cars to doctors and nurses on loans. All of a sudden, someone who had been doing ‘trotro’ bus or some ‘alatsa’ car for as long as they could remember, woke up driving a brand new Honda Civic or Fiat Palio. Some fresh graduates who didn’t know the difference between an accelerator and a gear, have found themselves taking fresh cars from the Showrooms because of flexible car loans from their companies…

So why would you want to go to any extent and do anything just to get someone buy you a secondhand corolla, or rent a house for you at East Legon or buy you a plane ticket. Whatever it is you are dying to have today will be of little or no value tomorrow; it would be so affordable to you you would realise you did not have to make all the sacrifices you made in getting it earlier… it is like spending GHS1,000.00 or more to Customize your number plate only to realise the vehicle you thought was one-in-town has become so common in a matter of 6 months you wish you were not even driving one.

Life changes. Our experiences and circumstances change. Events beyond us may rapidly change our lives, bringing things that seemed so far from us closer than we could ever imagine… You do not have to get something at all cost today. Yes some opportunities are once in a life time…but that does not close the doors to other opportunities.

Relax, don’t go chasing life, you can never fully comprehend and take hold of it. And if you make it your dream to do so, you will soon realise that you are denying yourself your sleep and peace. Our modern society and its culture of I-gotta-have-that is fueled by greed.

The best of your days are ahead of you. Grab what you can get today while you ride through life’s highway, when something slips out of your hand or it is found to be beyond your reach, be optimistic that all is not lost…Don’t stop and attempt to get what slipped at all cost.

They say the beautiful ones are not yet born; I say there are beautiful ones with us and there are those who yet to be born…if you can’t find one now, take it easy… there will be one tomorrow…

Think of the many silly things you did for love….look back and ask yourself, if would you have done the same thing for the same people for the same reason today?

~PG Sebastian~
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