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Friday, 30 November 2012


One morning while on the motorway going to work I was observing a funny phenomenon that we might all have been caught up in in one way or the other. LANES CHANGING.

The critical observation for me was the risk we all take when we change the lanes. Sometimes we change lanes and that lane we have joined, which was moving fast, suddenly slows down. Wrong choice. Sometimes our calculations come out right and we skip loads of cars. 

When you miscalculate and the lane you joined suddenly slows down, you miss your chance and your place in the adjacent lane you moved from, while all the vehicles which were behind you move ahead to compound the traffic. Sometimes you can quickly switch lanes again and rejoin the one you left just when you see your mistake; sometimes you can't.

As we all travel the course of life, there are times our various lanes appear to be slower than the next lane... Our marriages, promotions, finances, social status among others. The temptation, as we see the other lane moving fast, is to switch lanes. The risk we take is, we might be right or wrong in deciding to change lanes: leave that man or woman, quit that job, consider that deal, travel and go hustle for the cash.

  There are times the best choice you will ever make is to change the lanes; at other times you are better off if you stayed where you are and as they say, endure the night of weeping while you wait for joy to come in the morning.

I know some good people who now wish they are still with their exes, some wish they can re-apply for that job they hurriedly quit without even showing the traffic indicator, some people wish they never made that journey; now they don't even have money to buy a plane ticket to return home. For others those choices were the best decisions of their lives.

One thing which is unpredictable is what lies ahead. I realize that as we do all our calculations and change lanes, some Trotro driver suddenly slows down, building a heap of cars behind it. The lane you moved away from suddenly picks up speed because the car which was slowing down the lane has stopped or has also changed lanes...sometimes to join the very lane you have now join.

I cannot tell you not to changes lanes on the road; God knows I change lanes on the highway more than I can count. But I can tell you that you need a lot of patience and prayers before you change the lanes of life. Some changes can cost you a life time of misery as you watch the people and places you left behind thinking you were out pacing them, suddenly come and ride past you leavingh you behind. You left to leave others behind but you end up leaving to be left behind.

Don't toy with your steering wheel in the lane of life... No lane on the road is empty.

~The Sage and Patriarch, George Sebastian~