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Friday, 19 October 2012


Sometimes all the traffic lights turn green at various points and we just drive thru; at other times through your entire journey, all the traffic lights turn red just before you get to them. And there are times you get a mixture of both.

Yes some doors will open just before we get to them so we can walk through them and that may seem to be the story of us. There are times it seem all doors suddenly close just when it is our turn to enter them. The normal thing to everyone is when some doors close and some open as we get to them.

I believe that our lives are in the hands of God and the days of our lives are written in His books. God knows our timelines, our deadlines and the rush of our days. I believe that God will always be a lifeline to our deadlines. I believe that God will ensure that the lights are green when they must stay green. I believe that Red may not always be bad, no matter the rush of our days. I believe that green is not always necessarily the best; sometimes we get there too early and get bored just waiting. I believe that every red light, every green light has got the hand of God working in the background for our good. We are a people meant to succeed and to prevail and to make it and in time; I do not see any delays. Failings, blockages, missed opportunities; lost chances are not always for our evil. God knows the thoughts He thinks towards us; they are to bring us to the expected end. Nothing is late, nothing is lost, nothing is missed... we are built to be on time on God's clock....
~PG Sebastian~
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