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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


This life is the real deal. All you see, all you hear and all you do are the real deals. You are not on camera, there is no one sending SMS on your behalf, there are no people to hope would be evicted so you become the ultimate winner, there is no one who simply tunes in and watches you all day cheering you on; in fact there is no cash prize. What you are doing is the real deal so stop living the make-believe life.

All this drama; unnecessary fights, swearing and cursing, dressing like you are on the runway in some little controlled room with people watching, cameras flashing, media men pressing. All this fake fa├žade; pretending to be what you are not, sleeping around, sleeping with other people’s partners without shame and thinking that will make others see you are real…calling it the lifestyle of superstars… when, for your info, you don’t even know where a spotlight is, let alone stand under it…

Those scars you are inflicting on yourself for all the senseless reasons; be it emotional, physical, spiritual, relationship-wise financial or intellectual are the real scars. When you are done, there will be no Radio station to interview you on why you did that or said that or spoke like that and what you intend to do hereafter; there won’t be any TV Showbiz to tell the world about your biz. When you succeed, you will simply realize that people are only there to get their cuts and run away, and when you fail, you will realize you are on your own.  

So before you put all the drama out on Facebook, tweeting it, showing to the world things a rational human being must not show to another person unless they mean the world to you, living your life recklessly as if there is no tomorrow and there are no consequences; thinking, acting and living like you will be forever young, like this there is no room for marriage, children, social advancement or any kind of responsibility…. remember, no one cares what you do with your life… seriously. Do you care about this person reading this? See? She said no! Hard as it may be for you to accept, the truth is, no one cares.

Yes, you have an entourage; your boys… your girls… but just as we came into this world alone, so we face every difficult situation alone; you fail alone, starve alone, suffer in your marriage and relationship alone, go to jail alone, get pregnant alone, get broke alone, get miserable alone and ultimately die alone. So why would you let people cheer you on, real or imaginary, till you find yourself in any of these situations, only to wake up and realise you are alone?

Take this life serious; it is the real deal, no make believes; no standbys in case something goes wrong, no after-interviews, no cash prize and no enthusiastic audience. What you do will have consequences, sooner or later. The lies, the pretense, the fake personality, the promiscuity, the infidelity, the foolhardiness, the stubbornness, the prodigality… your lack of commitment, your instability….you will pay…

Unfortunately for us, Karma now wears sneakers; you simply don’t feel it coming….sneak… in…crawl…in…surreptitiously… until you hear G!O!T!C!H!A!!!!!

~PG Sebastian~
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