Building Relationships We Can All Be Proud Of

Monday, 8 October 2012


I asked a lady what will make her reluctant in telling a man her darkest secrets? She said, ‘it is not because he would leave me; my fear is that he might go and tell others what no one is to know.’

I told her, ‘then make sure, you just don 't pick anything for a man. Pick a man who is decent and matured enough to walk away, when your past scares him off, and yet leave you feeling comfortable th
at they will respect and keep your secrets.’

She asked, ‘how can I find such as man?’ I said, ‘do not fall in love with a stranger; fall in love with someone you have come to know first as a friend, even if it is for a short period. Someone you have assessed on how he has handled other people’s secrets with him. If you can find such a friend, you can be honest with him about who you truly are. Give him the chance to love you for who you are. You do not know when he will find out what your past is. Nothing stays hidden forever. Oh and some people will love you better if they knew your past; where you have been and what you have through. They will understand you better and adjust better....the Matured ones I mean... Remember, not all things you are ashamed off are as disgusting to others.....

....Do not jump into a relationship because you have met someone who can give you sex in a manner all your escapades have not brought your way. Love, relationship and marriage, are not only contracted and maintained in sexual currency.

~PG Sebastian~