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Friday, 15 June 2012


You don't fight to try on a size 5 shoe simply because you love it, if you wear size 7. It simply won't fit; and if you force it, you would hurt your feet and destroy the shoe in the process. You simply have to look for the one that fits. The shoe is perfect and soo are your feet, but they might not be for each other.

He is a good person as he stands and you are a good person in your own merit; but the two of you don't fit each other. No hurt feelings no demonizing; Just bow out gracefully. Do it now because you will, somehow, some day. I only pray you don't take that decision when you are off the shelf; when you have nothing left to lift your head up to.Graceful exit.If you have to do it, do it! Graceful exit. I know YOU want to do it, but you are afraid. Unfortunately you cannot blame fear in the end. 

Graceful Exit!

PG Sebastian 2012 

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