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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The Coat of Arms
As Ghana celebrates her 55th Independence day today the 6th of March, We must all reflect and ask ourselves if we are really and truly living the life of independence as we ought to; as we could have. 

Independence is not an idea; it’s a way of life and a truly independent person has true liberty resonating in every aspect of their lives. They prove they are capable of managing their own affairs in a way that is responsible in the framework of the world they find themselves in and in the lives of those who are influenced by that independence. They make responsible choices with the now and the future in focus. They take decisions that positively affect the future in a way that truly secures that liberty they have. They put structures in place upon which the gains of that independence could be strengthened.

55 years down the lane, we clearly see for ourselves, as a nation, that we are not truly independent. We have proven to ourselves and to the world we are not capable of managing our own affairs in a way acceptable to the world around us; the world we want to belong and whose values, norms, aspirations and tenets we so claim to espouse. Inwardly looking, have we proved to our people that when we proclaim freedom, it is not just a title, but it is a freedom they can also feel and embrace?

How responsible are our choices as a nation looking at the now and the future, how decisively positive are our decisions with respect to the future so that we can see and feel that our independence is secured and guaranteed for posterity? Are there structures; economically, politically, in the areas of manpower, health, environment, culture among others which serve as foundations upon which the future can be secured and our independence strengthened? 

Any people who fail to prove to themselves and to those around them that they are capable of managing their own affairs, would have their affairs managed by others for them. We live in a complex whole and we affect each other in a way that makes it impossible for people to look on while we mismanage our nation and those under our care. Any people who are irresponsible in their choices regarding the now and the future will always have people intervening to teach them what to do and to help clean their mess....and then decide for them what they can do next. Any people who don’t take decisions that secure their freedom will soon find that freedom taken away from them and managed for them; it is a sin to leave freedom in the hands of someone who cannot manage it. Any people who do not put structures in place to strengthen their independence will find it soon crashing down.

As an individual how is the independence you   have secured being managed? Have you proved your worth to have it and keep it? As a corporate person, as public servant, an apprentice or wherever you find yourself today, how are you managing the independence you have been given by your superiors and employers? Have you proved to them and the people around you and those who depend on you that you can manage it well? Are you being responsible with your choices, decisions, structures and plans, with the present and the future in mind in a way that reinforces confidence in you, keeps interference out and buttress the fact that you are worth that independence and that your future of working independently for a long time to come is a good idea? 

If you can’t manage your stuff well, if your choices are not responsible, if your decisions are not immediately beneficial and the far reaching consequences are also not positive, if the structures you are working with lack substance, you don’t only risk losing your independence to your boss and other superiors who will always tell you how to do what to do, in the end, you risk getting replaced after all confidence is lost in you.

As a child how are you managing the freedom your parents have given you? Are you taking it as an occasion to mess up or you are managing it so well that they will give you more freedom? Do not forget independence is on different levels and you get to go to level two after you have successfully executed the charges of level one. What decisions are you taking and what choices are you making in the exercising of your freedom? Are you putting in mechanisms and structures to protect and secure the freedom you have or you are just living the now.

As a married person or someone in a relationship, how are you managing the independence you have in your relationship? Will your partner find you managing it well or it will give them a good reason to think you still need to be controlled? What decisions are you making considering the fact that people are looking at you and others depend on you and the impact of these decisions affects them directly and indirectly and in the present and in the future. What choices are you making? Will it reinforce your freedom or make you lose it. Will your partner start interfering in your life because you are not giving them enough reason to believe you are handling the independence well? As I said earlier it is a sin to give freedom to someone who cannot handle it well; it is a recipe for disaster. 

As we celebrate our 55th Independence anniversary, let us know that we are not truly independent as a nation, as entities and as individuals until we can prove to the world and to ourselves that we can keep and manage that independence well, that we are making responsible choices and taking positive decisions that have the presence and the future in mind and that structures are in place to secure the gains of that independence.

Be blessed and may the spirit of positive independence truly resonate you!

Happy Birthday to Ghana

~PG Sebastian~ 
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