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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I pulled up by this Dodge Durango at a petrol filling station mart. A cute lady who looked every bit 'twentyish' took in the sweet nothings coming from the driver.... They didn't pay any attention to me because I was on the phone and looked like any other guy minding his business.

The driver, looked every bit in married with at least a kid. He had that father-scent on him....

After a while the lady gave the driver a fleeting kiss on his lips, got out of the SUV and hopped into a taxi that had crawled by and disappeared into the night. Guess what I saw as I returned my gaze on Mr. Durango... He was sliding on his wedding ring.

I stepped out of my car and entered the mart to pick a few things. Just as I was entering my car after my brief pick-ups, a taxi pulled up next to the Dodge Durango. An excited little boy jumped out, 'Daddyyy' he shout and rushed to his dad...the man in the Durango. He had seen the boy getting out of the taxi and had also stepped out and was waiting for his son. He carried him with the joy of a great father. 

A very pretty but modest looking lady followed the kid. She kissed the man on the same lips the other lady had kissed.

'Have you been here for long?' she asked apologetically.

'Nah, just pulled in'

'You look tired baby' she observed.

'Yea... Meeting was a marathon'

So I asked myself...marathon meeting with the other girl or there was an earlier marathon meeting for real; because I could swear the 'twentyish' lady looked like she just ran from Cairo to Cape Town non-stop... her hair and her dressing... More like someone who was literally dragged out of bed.  

They pulled out of the filling station and disappeared into the night; in the opposite direction the 'twentyish' girl had taken. 

I felt the lady [the wife] might...just might want a showdown tonight...just to feel like a real woman after a long stressful day. But the man will come up with excuses...meeting fatigue... Tiredness... 'Baby am not in the mood...'

Three months will pass and lawfully married couples are sexually starving. Meanwhile one party gets to have it every afternoon and before they get home after work while the other party keeps crying and wondering what they did wrong...

There is a line in the wedding vow which says, 'AND FORSAKING ALL OTHERS...Can people marry and stay faithful? Can we make that choice and forsake all others? Tonight spend a minute on your knees for all unfaithful husbands... You might never know; you might bring a familiar dog home....

PG Sebastian 
Copyrights 2012