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Friday, 6 January 2012


And these are the generation of men and women to avoid:

Those who tell you it’s over yet keep their foot in the doorway so the door is not completely shut.

When you are about forgetting about them, their calls start coming thru… for an entire week or two… saying sweet things and making you think they are in for you… they come, take something from you and run off… you could be married or single…

They suddenly start visiting when they are lonely and where they are is bleak; sounding all apologetic and criticizing their current partners and accepting the blame for the break up…then they take… and run off… 
They try…try very hard to keep that foot in the doorway so the entrance is always kept ajar. Their texts start dropping just when another person shows up in your life. Then you get confused, you mess up with the new person in hope that the old one is coming back… they come… take… and run off.

That ex of yours, that guy, that lady you had the one night stand with…that someone’s husband… they will never let you be… they will never let you know the joy of being with a person who makes you their all….

They hold you to the place they left you while they go looking; and until they are completely satisfied to the point where anything more will make them vomit, they will never let you be… they keep their foot in the door way…once in a while…they pop up…take and run off … leaving you hanging…

These are the generation of people to avoid…

So the next time they text or call or visit… clear your head…and let these words go straight to them:
Abrantse? Ewura? ADZ3N?


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