Building Relationships We Can All Be Proud Of

Thursday, 3 November 2011


He sent a text to his long time girlfriend who had the reputation of being unstable with men, moving from one man to the other over trivia

"Can we meet tonight after work and grab a drink? We can end it up in my apartment"

She replied: Smh. I have had enough of you and men to last me a life time. I will pass...

He replied: are you turning me down? As in you are no more interested in MY GOODNESS?

She replied: sex and all this your so called GOODNESS is outmoded if you ask me.

He replied: is this my pony talking? Like are you serious?

She replied: look man, i finally found a true meaning and purpose for this being of mine. This is all I have: My pride, my joy, my dignity, my life... So after the few seconds of your goodness, what happens to me? That am one of your countless conquests? After all the sweet nothings? Just like you're starting now? Your goodness?
You have been sleeping with me just like any man has; like you drink your bottles after bottles of beer. It's not the love for it... It is not the respect for it... It is to satisfy your lust and ego! But of course if a few expenditure will make u satisfy it why not... You do all you can to get it.

Those days are gone. I am sure about that. I am spending my time on something more higher and purposeful.

I have lost count now, and in the end some innocent man will come and pay a hefty bride price on me to marry me, when I have wasted the best of me on nothings like you.

God help me with kids, cus if I should get into any future fertility issues, it would be some innocent man's sleepless nights.

Sorry man, I will pass... You can pass on. I have now been to myself and I am cleaning up the mess you left behind!

He did not reply....