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Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Break-Up

When my phone rang and I checked to see it was Haruna calling, my heart missed a beat. As hard as it was, I had to answer so I did. “We are here” He said. “Downstairs” he added. That was yesterday, around lunchtime.

I went downstairs to meet them; Haruna and Maame. She did not look particularly interesting like she used to be; maybe I was not keenly looking at her. Or maybe my affection in her had left. I could feel her pain though. I am not usually indifferent towards her.

I have always loved her, made it known to every one of my Friends; even on Facebook, I have used her picture as my profile picture before. I call her Maame Ama Pigia… Kindda hot if you ask me! Now I was looking at her as though she was not there. Gosh how love can evaporate.

Haruna told me to call him if there were any issues and then he left. I looked at her fleetingly and went back to my desk not caring what she did with her life out there. Oh I told her, I am glad you are home Maame… and then I left…

The first thing I did was to print the documents once I sat behind my PC. It broke my heart as I read it over. Do I really want to break up with her?

We have walked with each other for two years and spent some quality times together; both at Dansoman and Tema… Our countless escapades, From Weija to Akosombo; Takoradi and all over.

Oh Maame Ama you bring tears to my eyes.

I went out again, looked at her boldly in the eyes and handed her the documents. Without a word, I rushed back into the office before I broke down. I did not have, I must admit, the guts to stay and see her reaction; I did not.

Soon it was 4:30pm; Work was over for me so I left the office for my 2hour Journey to Community 25 off the Prampram-Aflao Road. It was a quiet Journey with the Radio off. I quietly prayed for the entire journey occasionally checking what’s up on Facebook. She stole a glance at me and asked silently, “will you announce our break-up…”

“Yes I would put it on face book that we broke up!” I concluded it for her. “The Patriarch George Sebastian broke up with you”

She swallowed hard. Silence

When we got home, I was happy she was finally home with me. She had been gone for months. Maame Ama! That was too much. Do you know what I have been through all this while? The Sleepless nights? Not knowing if you were ok? What you have been doing and all that?

I have been giving my friend and those concerned flimsy excuses for your absence. Some I lied straight up to them. ‘Oh we are doing well! But we were not! Maame!

All I knew she wanted to say was, ‘Baby, it was not my fault.’ Yup I know it was not your fault but well you left!

I took the documents and I was certain that was what I wanted to do. I opened the Right Back door and stuck the first document there and I opened the tail gate and stuck the second one there. By this time she was sobbing uncontrollably… “George Please Give me another chance. Please. Do not watch these 2 years go away like that! George Please…”

But I would not have any of that…

I opened the Left Back door and stuck the last document there… the divorce document!

I went a few steps back and looked at how it looked on her… FOR SALE!!! 020******5 peeeerrrfect!

She wiped her tears and gave me the look! “George you were not worthy of me! If you are selling me, fine! Guess what, I also deserve a better owner!

Whatever! I yelled over my shoulder and rushed into my room! Sob sob sob!

Get a Range Rover George! You look Gay when you drive in me!
All the reason why I am selling you! I will buy a Kia Picanto!
That makes you a pedophile
I will walk!
Johnny Walker!
Deal with it Maame!

Baaaannnnnggg! I shut the door behind me!

My Nissan is going for Sale Maame Ama Pigia is up for Grabs! It is over between us! 

PG! 2011