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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

At The Wrong Side Of Life....

A simple advice: Let us treat all people we get the opportunity to serve or interact with, with utmost respect and dignity. The only difference between us and the Kayayo (Head Porter), the ‘Traffic sales guys’, the windscreen cleaners and other hawkers is the side of the Opportunity line that we were born.

It’s not their fault that their fathers were poor, alcoholics, valued education less or died leaving them with 5 other siblings in the care of an unskilled and unequipped mother. It’s not their fault that they were born in places where education is not primary to survival nor access to technology a common place.

These people have very little influence over the circumstances in which they were born...and it is not as simple a matter as we make it look that everyone can rise above their circumstance... Even that, people are trying, a reason why they are neither begging nor stealing... Respect my friends...let’s respect them.

I have seen a couple of ladies and guys as Kayayos, Prostitutes, traffic sellers, shoe shine boys etc, and I have tried to MENTALLY take them out of their situation and placed them in banks or some corporate offices; given them university degrees and nice suits and put them in nice cars. Suddenly I realised they looked prettier, acted more responsibly, sold better, and could work with little or no supervision.

I have also tried to take some of us from our air conditioned rooms and cars and offices and put us in the streets and my word...We are just ugly, unattractive, couldn’t survive a single day out there and would surely consider suicide or robbery to escape that life.

It is by grace that we are not there but where we are. It was nothing we really did...though a few people might have really forged their way thru in the hard way. Most of us were born...In Accra, Kumasi; we were born to rich, average or government employed families. It was only natural that we went to St. Roses or Adisadel College or GSTS. It was only natural that we ended up in Tertiary institutions....and landed good corporate jobs.

It's not the other person's fault that all the odds of life were against them from the moment they were born. Take it or leave it, in Ghana being born at the Northern Parts is a number one challenge you have to deal with, being born outside the major towns in these areas is the second major challenge you would have to deal with...being born in a hamlet to a farming family there is another thing to deal with....chances are that such a person will never meet anyone who has seen any other life other than what they have to encourage them to break loose and pursue something bigger and difference.

Chances are that you and that person will only meet when you are in the university; you as a student and he as an 'Any work' young man; you in your lecture theatre and she as the washroom cleaner...You returning from a vacation abroad and he carrying in your stuff from the Land Cruiser

Some of us don't even know how to write our Resumes yet we are working; it shows someone was there to ensure we don't sweat. Someone has also entered almost every office accessible and yet they keep meeting closed doors.

Today, let us be grateful to God that we find ourselves where he has placed us. Trust me, your condition is not that bad if you can access what I have written; you at least you know what is called the internet...Someone hasn't even seen a typewriter before let alone a PC.

Let us live daily being grateful; Let us be swift to show respect when needed, but never look down on anybody no matter how annoying they come or the whole experience may be. Let us be mindful not to laugh at a disabled person nor a beggar and even more someone who is hustling to get his daily bread.

People have moved from grace to grass, because of the collapse of a company, death of a parent, civil strife or wrong decision. Every day I wake up, I pray that I will sleep on that same bed in peace and with that same smile.

Don't look down on sweaty brows or stuffy shirts....they are trying to make it...really they are. If you can't smile with them or pat them in the back, it is alright but be kind to them; in relating with them and in your thoughts about them.

Remember the difference between you two is that thin line called opportunity.

PG Sebastian
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