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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Women...Get Out Of The Gutters!!!

I learnt women are the upgraded version of men? wonder we love the gutters; every ugly thing. Cheating, drinking, recklessness and all that...Then I saw one woman drop into the gutter, then another, then a shoal of them. What happened to the upgrade? Now Downgraded? You think cheating on your guy is enough a payback for him cheating? Urrmm if I may ask, is it on his body? In fact, are you even that bold to come and do it in his bed? Is he aware you are cheating? Will he even find out? So you see you might end up wasting your time and still not hurt the person you are trying to hurt. You will end up with a lot of guilt, a feeling of worthlessness and self pity. 

Madam if you have fallen into that deception, you have cheated on yourself not your partner. Some sweet talking guy who will never be responsible to you, because he is not your man, has done it for free and he is going about counting you as one of his exploits. No matter what he told you or tells is the same boasting, "Another one down...many more to go." Such guy will never respect you cus he had you when you claimed to be committed to someone. 

Oh he is decent? Than your partner? He is everything you ever wanted? Wow? So one of the things you wanted was a guy who sleeps with people's girlfriends? If he were that decent, then he should have respected someone's territory and not crossed it even when there were NO THOROUGHFARE signs all over.

Do not let foolish rage and disappointment or Pressure make you give yourself on a silver platter to someone. Walk away if you cannot take an unfaithful partner, or if your relationship is not worth your time, but to stick and cheat in return? It is lame...madam... it is lame.

Women, there are a lot of you in the gutters, leave the men there and get out, that is what makes the difference...except Beijing also encourages equal rights in image destruction.