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Wednesday, 7 July 2010



(Verb) a. To viciously and proactively inhibit or halt the Progress of a person an establishment or a nation. Eg The team's opportunity to score was SUAREZed by a member of the opposing team.

b. To act in a way that is deliberate and intentional, though spontaneous, yet calculated to frustrate the advancement of an adversary. Eg As pressure built in the dying moments of the game, a shot at goal was SUAREZed by an opponent standing next to the goal post.

(Noun) a. A state of being where all your efforts are visibly and overtly being frustrated and impeded. Eg. I am in a state of SUAREZ please don't stress me further.

b. A purposeful behaviour intended to disregard rules of engagement so as to prevent an opponent from eminent victory. Eg. The first thought that came to Fernando's mind was to cause a SUAREZ in order to save the day.

(Adverb) Describing a frustrated state of mind where a force is directed, deliberate and intentional Eg The Uruguayan SUAREZedly Prevented the ball from Entering the post thanks to Luis.

ORIGIN - Root word is from the extinct Inca language meaning "an erratic young man with the tendency to frustrate the effort of all those who deal with him whether in peacetime or wartime."


And many more!


The name came to prominence during the Match between Black stars of Ghana and the something something of Uruguay in the ongoing world cup in South Africa, during which a last minute (literally) goal was caught by Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz of Uruguay who having run up and down the pitch as a striker/midfielder/defender had suddenly become a goal keeper. He was subsequently red carded and kick off the pitch by the Kayas-wearing Referee.

The ensuing penalty in favour of the Ghanaians was taken by Asamoah Gyan who missed it because he was pre-occupied with scoring and leaping off to dance in front of the crowd that he actually could not gauge properly.

That penalty missed resulted in the Ghanaian team subsequently losing to the Uruguayans in a penalty shootout after 120min of play tying at 1-1 goal on both sides.

Since That time Suarez, as the entity otherwise known as Luis is popularly called in Ghana because of the inscription at the back of his jersey, has become a household name in Ghana and Ghanaians have not been economical with their curses on him. People sleep cursing, eat cursing, walk cursing and ...all the motion curses you can think of.

But Pleasant is the desire by some ardent supporters of the Black stars of Ghana to have this infamy recorded in the annals of history that they have voted me, in collaboration with Wikipaedia and many other such Encyclopedias and dictionaries to form words out of his name to be memorized and recited for all generations.



(Vb) a self orchestrated dumb action that changes the course of one's life. Eg, The Anagorians saw their future KAITAed before their very eyes and couldn't do Jack about it. Syn - None

For security reasons the least said about this word the better. But I have been hinted that the act that precipitated the word is so grave that is can actually cause those who learn deep into it some serious physchological problems and suffice it is to leave it like this.

This has been your English teacher Paa George!